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“Auberge” is a French term for an inn and restaurant where guests can dine and lodge, usually in the countryside.

Auberge Hida no Mori is a place of simple pleasures, surrounded by fresh air and trees. All visitors will find is a quiet inn nestled in a vast forest park. There are no special tourist activities, and our guest rooms are not equipped with televisions.

We believe in the wholesome pleasures of eating, drinking, and sleeping.


Dinner & Drinks

Dinners at Auberge Hida

Dinners at Auberge Hida no Mori primarily consist of Italian course cuisine paired with intentionally selected beverages for each dish. Pairings feature a wide variety of natural wines and organic drinks served to match the progression of the meal. Each wine is carefully selected to elevate the flavors of the food for a richer dining experience.     

Breakfasts consist of homemade granola, bread, and eggs served with juice, coffee, or tea.







Dinner service is open to non-guests. Book a dinner-only reservation using the link above.

Please inform us of any allergies or dietary preferences in advance.

Parties & Wedding


Auberge Hida no Mori believes that good food, drink, and conversation is the true essence of celebration. Choose us for relaxed, intimate gatherings with close friends or family, unburdened by distractions and unnecessary party activities.


We accept group reservations, including exclusive event reservations for weddings and parties.

Book a reservation using the form at the link above.

Accommodation Plans


“Auberge” is a French term for an inn and restaurant where guests can dine and lodge. True to this concept, our basic accommodation plan includes a room with two meals (dinner and breakfast). However, we also offer a breakfast-only accommodation plan for the convenience of guests on longer trips. Auberge Hida no Mori is equipped with a private bath and shower room. Our facilities are entirely non-smoking.


Room with dinner & breakfast


Room with dinner only

Rooms & Facilities

_DSC2623 (1).jpg


Guests can choose from twin or double rooms. Our guest rooms are not equipped with televisions. The inn is surrounded by a quiet forest with fresh air.

After enjoying good food and drink, change into soft pajamas and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. Our guest beds feature headboards of fragrant white pine, which is known for its calming aroma.


Twin room


Double room


Our guest room interiors feature local materials and techniques from the surrounding Hida Takayama region, such as the white pine headboards by Fushi, which help induce deeper sleep, and original shaker boxes by Maru Kougei.



Original Auberge Hida no Mori pajamas produced by Uchino are available for purchase at the front desk. Of excellent quality, our custom pajamas are light and soft.


Bath and Shower

Guest rooms are not equipped with a bathtub or shower. Please use the private Hinoki cypress bath on the second floor. We recommend bathing before dinner to make the most of the evening. After food and drinks, there’s nothing left to do but sleep.


Common Areas

Guests are welcome to relax and enjoy tea or conversation with company or friends in our common areas, including the atrium lounge on the first floor and the front terrace by the entrance.

In winter, guests are welcome to read or work by the heat of our wood fire stove, enjoying the slow progression of time at Auberge Hida no Mori.


3349-1 Shingumachi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0035

Shuttle Service (Reservations Required)

A free shuttle service is available from JR Takayama Station for guests arriving by train or bus. To use the shuttle service, please contact us at least one day before your scheduled check-in date and book the shuttle.

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